the mystqiue collection

august 6-11

Awe! Mystery! Intrigue - it’s the Mystique Collection!! This week we wanted to throw you for a loop with a fascinating grey, ash dusted round from France called Selles-Sur-Cher, - but what the heck is it? That’s a geotrichum rind as us cheese nerds say (sounds like a final Jeopardy question to us) -  natural, delicious, thin and cohesive, with a tiny, oozing creamline atop a fluffy interior paste, with the pleasant texture of damp clay. The bright white inside goes with this local honeycomb from Catskill Provision like Sonny & (Selles-Sur) Cher. Or summer & s’mores. Or vodka & soda. Or - okay, you get the idea, it’s a match made in heaven. To add to the allure, we chose a bright orange sheep’s milk called Brebirousse D'Argental. An ooey-gooey wonder sure to please any crowd, with a creamy paste that threatens to run free of its annatto-tinged rind. (It’s not a stinky washed rind!)  In fact it’s quite mild with a delicate sweetness that balances the buttery intensity. Both of these gems were cave-aged to perfection at Murray’s Cheese in NYC. Offset the honey with a handful of Harvest House-Roasted Cashews and you’ll be singing “I’ve Got You Babe” - to your cheese board. 

Introducing the new weekly Harvest Cheese Board To-Go,

featuring a different selection of cheeses, meat, crackers & accompaniments curated for you by our cheesemonger and neatly packed in a barn box to grab & go.

Each serves approximately 4-6 people conservatively, (or 2-4 if you want to hoard it for yourself, highly recommended.This is a no judgement zone.)

The weekly selection will be posted every Thursday right here as well as on social media, and comes with fun information on how to serve cheese and love notes from your monger.

Grab yours and take it on a picnic or bring it home to dazzle your family and dinner guests. 

Boxes vary in price each week, no substitutions. Board not included, but provided by

Unbound in Roxbury, NY. (also for sale!)

Order at

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